London Storage Prices

A question we’re commonly asked at Boxman is how on-demand storage prices compare with traditional London self-storage. It’s a question we love, because it makes what we do seem even more special!

Modern hassle-free storage


The traditional option

1 box £5per month £50per month
5 boxes £25per month £75per month
10 boxes £50per month £75per month
20 boxes £100per month £105per month
Fair and transparent by-the-box pricing
Durable and waterproof crates supplied free
Boxes delivered within 3 hours
Free collections from your door
Insurance included
Searchable online inventory
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The table above pits on-demand storage against the average central London self-storage options on offer, and – as you can see – our take on storage (especially on-demand storage as provided, ahem, by Boxman) fairs well in pretty much every imaginable instance.

We’re better on London storage price, and we’re better on efficiency and durability. We’ll come direct to your door, saving you a schlep out into the wilds of Self-Storage Land, and we’ll even do it for free. We’ll insure your possessions while they’re in storage as part of the overall cost – something traditional London storage companies aren’t up for – and you’ll even be saving money by not having to rent a man with a van to help you out.

We’re the virtual spare room you always hoped for – self-storage without having to set foot outside. Whether you’re using us to help de-clutter, to help ease the stress of moving house, or simply because you’ve got things that need putting away, we’re confident that you’ll not find a better, more friendly, more modern storage company in the whole of London.

For great London storage prices with added care and attention, look no further than Boxman.

Please note: this page focuses on London storage prices purely because we’re currently a London-based company. All that is due to change over the coming 12 months as we focus our efforts nationwide. That’s not to say we can’t help you with storage beyond the M25 boundary currently – just give us a call if you’d like to know more. We’re always up for a chat.

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