Frequently Asked Questions

Boxes & Packing

What can I store?

Pretty much anything you can put in a box! As long as it’s not illegal, dangerous or perishable, we can probably store it. Our terms and conditions have the full list of exclusions.

What kind of boxes do you supply?

Boxman boxes are made of polypropylene (a kind of plastic). They’re super tough, waterproof, and, because there’s no assembly required, they’re convenient, too. When you’re done, we take away the empty boxes and clean them for reuse – so you’re not left with a stack of boxes to dispose of, and we keep the planet happy.

How big are your boxes?

Boxman boxes hold 70 litres. No, that doesn’t mean much to us either, so take a look at these pictures to get a better idea.

Is there a weight limit on the boxes?

Our employees move a lot of boxes each day so, to protect their backs, we ask you to limit each box to a maximum of 25kg – and a little less would be ideal. Our boxes are quite big, so if you were to cram them with books, they’d get pretty heavy. If you split heavier items over multiple boxes, and mix them with lighter items like clothes and bedding, then you’ll be doing our backs a favour!

How do I secure the boxes?

We provide you with two tamper-evident security seals for each box. Just pop them in when you finish packing.

Can I store something too big for a box?

It depends. Generally speaking, if one person can carry it, we can store it. The absolute maximum size is two metres long and 25 kg in weight. So we can’t take anything really big (like large furniture items, for example), but we can manage suitcases, golf clubs, skis and snowboards and things like that. For anything else, contact us and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Can I store a suitcase?

Yes – suitcases are a really popular option, and you can use them in place of a Boxman box, if you prefer. Any size suitcase costs the same as a box.

Can I use my own boxes?

Yes you can but we prefer that you use ours. After all, they are freely delivered to your door within a few hours. Boxman boxes are sturdy, so they don’t get squashed in transit, and they’re waterproof, which is really important when loading the van in London! If you really want to use your own, it's best to check with us that they're suitable. They should be of good quality and fully sealed. Book them in as an oversized item when ordering. Click here for more information, or feel free to contact us directly.

Pricing & Payment

When does my storage contract start?

Your storage contract only starts from the day we collect your boxes, so you don’t begin paying until then. However, if you take longer than two weeks to pack, then we will backdate the storage contract to the day we delivered your boxes – so get packing!

How and when do I pay for storage?

You can pay with any major credit or debit card. When you order your boxes, your card is authorised but not charged. An automatic payment is taken when your storage contract begins, and then once on the same date each month until you retrieve your boxes.

What happens if I order more boxes than I need?

It won’t cost you a thing, and we even recommend you order some extra, just in case. When the driver collects your filled boxes for storage, just hand back any empty boxes you don’t use at the same time. We only charge for the boxes you actually store.

How long do I have to pack or unpack my boxes?

We ask that, once you receive empty boxes for packing or your full box back from storage, you pack or unpack within two weeks. This is so we can keep using the best quality boxes and keep the cost down for you. Once the two-week period is up, we’ll need to start or continue your storage subscription from the date you received the box. But don’t worry too much – we’ll never charge more than £25 for an un-stored box. After that, the boxes are yours to keep.

Why do you need my credit or debit card details if boxes are supplied for free?

Boxes are supplied for free on the condition that you store with Boxman. We don’t charge anything to your card until we either collect the boxes for storage, you return them all empty, or you keep them for more than two weeks.

How much does it cost to retrieve a box?

Retrievals cost £5 per box to anywhere within the M25. If you’d like your boxes sent anywhere else in the world, contact us for a quote.

Is insurance included?

Yes! All your boxes are automatically insured up to £100, both in storage and in transit. If you want more insurance for a specific box, you can add it when booking your collection. It costs £1.50 per month for £250 of cover, £2.50 per month for £500 cover and £5 per month for £1,000 cover. Please note: we don’t look in your box, so we can only cover items you identify via your dashboard when you store it. For higher value items, it’s best if you also upload a photo of the item in the box to show the insurance company.

What happens if I change my mind and send back all my boxes empty without storing?

We provide boxes, delivery and collection free for Boxman storage customers. If you don’t store the boxes, we charge a £5 per box per month rental fee, and a £5 per box collection fee.

Can I rent your boxes without storing?

Yes, you can. After you’ve had the boxes for two weeks, we automatically start your rental contract. It’s the same price as storage – £5 per box per month for as long as you’ve had the box. Once you’ve paid £25 per box (so, after five months), the box is yours to keep. Otherwise, when you’re finished with the box, we’ll come and collect it for a £5 per box collection fee.

What happens if I retrieve my boxes part way through a month?

You can ask to have your boxes delivered back to you at any time during the month, but a full month’s storage will be payable for partial months. Payment is taken monthly in advance, so this means that if you retrieve a box after your monthly payment date, there is no refund for the remainder of the month.

What’s your cancellation or refund policy?

If you give us at least two hours’ notice before we deliver your boxes, you can cancel without any charge. At this point, your credit card has only been authorised, so there’s nothing to refund. If you cancel within two hours of delivery, we may need to charge £25 if a driver is already on their way to you. Unfortunately, we can’t cancel your order once the boxes have been delivered, and you will need to either ask us to collect the boxes or keep the boxes.


Where do you store my boxes?

In an ex-military airfield near Swindon. The storage centre is literally bombproof! There’s 24-hour manned security and CCTV, advanced fire and flood prevention systems, and no public access.

Will you open my box?

No. You pack and seal your boxes with tamper-evident seals, and that’s how they stay. However, very occasionally we might need to open your box if we suspect there’s something dangerous or illegal inside, if the box is endangering one of our employees, or if we’re required to by a court order.

Does your service work for businesses as well?

Yes. Our service is often used for long-term archive storage, storing inventory, or just for making better use of office space. For documents, you can use your own archive boxes if you'd like - contact us for a quote. Our prices as displayed include VAT and we can supply VAT invoices if required.

Deliveries & Collections

What’s your coverage area?

Our standard pricing and service covers the London area within the M25. If you’re outside of this area, we can help, but you will need to pay a bit extra for collections and deliveries. Contact us for a quote.

What are your delivery/collection hours?

Monday to Friday, 8am to 9pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. We can collect or deliver boxes at any point in that time frame, and you can choose your own two-hour window.

Do you deliver or collect at weekends? Does it cost extra?

We’re open 9am to 5pm on Saturdays and there’s no extra charge. Boxman is closed on Sundays.

How much advance notice do you need?

For deliveries of empty boxes or collections from you, we can usually get there within three hours . More notice is always better, though, especially if you don’t live in central London.

For retrievals of boxes from storage, we need to know by 3pm the day before you want us to deliver. The exception is Saturday deliveries, when we need a bit more notice – you’ll need to book by 3pm on the Thursday before.

Can I change a collection date or time once it’s booked?

Yes, you can do this easily on the Boxman website via your dashboard, or by replying to the reminder text/email we’ll send you. It’s free to change your time, as long as you give us two hours’ notice. Within two hours, we might need to charge a £25 missed collection fee, but we’ll only charge it if the driver’s actually already on their way.

How do I get my boxes back?

Easy – just log into your secure account on the Boxman website, find the box or boxes you want, and click ‘retrieve box’. You can use our handy search function to look through box names, descriptions, tags or individual items to find what you’re looking for quickly. Then just select the date, time and address that work for you.

How quickly can I retrieve a box from storage?

We’ll deliver your box anywhere within the M25 the next day (Mon – Fri) as long as you order by 3pm the previous weekday. We also deliver on Saturdays, but you need to let us know by 3pm on the Thursday before.

Can I retrieve a box and have it delivered to a different address?

Yes – we can send your box anywhere you’d like. Within the M25, it’s our standard retrieval charge. For anywhere else in the world, contact us for a quote.

How often can I move my boxes in and out of storage?

As often as you need. Each time you retrieve a box from storage, we’ll deliver it to you anywhere within the M25 for £5 per box. Collection of the box to go back into storage is free, and your storage contract just continues monthly as before.

Might my boxes be damaged in transit?

At Boxman, we promise to handle your boxes with the utmost care at all times. The boxes themselves are durable and super tough, made from strong plastic – not flimsy cardboard. They are driven directly to our storage facilities, either in one of our vans or by our trusted courier partner. We do this because overnight couriers use big automatic sorting machines in regional distribution centres, which throw your boxes around from one conveyor belt to another.

Can I use Boxman to move house?

Sure – as long it’s just boxes and oversized items that we would normally accept for storage. That’s pretty much anything that can be lifted by one person, so no big furniture. The prices are the same as for storage – £5 per box per month, and £5 per box for delivery to the new address within our coverage area. You can store with us until your new place is ready, or we can move your boxes the same day.

Will your driver bring boxes down from my flat?

We know how annoying it is waiting around all day for deliveries, which is why we try to offer as much convenience as possible with two-hour time slots that you can choose. But this means our drivers do a lot of deliveries and collections each day, and are on a tight timetable. To keep them moving quickly, we ask that you have the boxes ready on the ground floor.