What’s the difference between clutter and hoarding?

Perhaps it’s the fashion for minimalism, but we’ve noticed there’s a huge number of books about decluttering at the moment. From the practical to the extreme to the frankly eccentric, there seems to be a system to help tackle excess stuff for every day of the week. Of course, there’s clutter and then there’s hoarding, a much, much more serious disorder that can prove difficult to treat, as we found out from talking to Satwant Singh, a Nurse Consultant in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mental Health, and an expert in compulsive hoarding disorder.


16 useful resources for London’s freelancers

Between 2008 and 2016 the number of freelancers in the UK increased by 43% to around 2 million workers. It’s probably no surprise that London is home to a good many of these entrepreneurial souls (21%, according to the good people at IPSE) and if you’re one of this number, you’ll know that while it’s a great way to work, it can also have its pitfalls. It’s no coincidence that the rise in the number of freelancers has a great deal to do with the increasingly higher tech world we inhabit and so, even when it all gets a bit stressful, there are some brilliant apps, companies and services that can make life that little bit easier for London’s freelancers.