Better living in small spaces: How to grow a windowsill veg garden

Whether it is the adverts for the Chelsea Flower Show starting to show up everywhere, or trays of seedlings and tomato plants at the supermarket, gardening season is well and truly upon us. Unless, of course, you don’t have a garden. But even then all’s not lost because – as we learnt recently – you’d be amazed at the scope of veg that you can grow from your windowsill. And if there was ever a way of better living in small spaces (which we’re all about here at Boxman), then having your own city-centre veg patch is surely it. 


Craftageddon and how to avoid it

There’s a phenomenon sweeping the nation. It is – as our blog writer Em’s husband terms it – Craftageddon, and it’s characterized by (a) a yarn stash so large that you’re genuinely concerned that the sheep population are starting to feel a bit cold, (b) piles of fabric in every drawer, shoe box and cupboard, or (c) forgotten pins lurking in the carpet (ouch!). It’s a serious problem, folks, and given that we’ve already given considerable column inches to the plight of the tech widow, it seems only fair to redress the balance and tackle craft supplies.


Stress-busting apps for Londoners

When we think of clutter, the chances are that we think of the stuff that fills up our rooms. These physical things are easy to hide and organise, but it can be a little more difficult to recognise and remove the things which constitute mental clutter. Left unchecked, they can cause just as much of a problem as the DVD box set collection that would give the Netflix archive a run for its money. With the spring-cleaning season now upon us, there’s never been a better time to take charge of your mental clutter and reprogram your mind-set to a healthy one. A bit daunting? Don’t fret! These apps could help you on your journey to mentally declutter and bring peace and balance to your everyday life.

The Color Run - London

Jog on: apps, events & races for runners in London

It’s no surprise that running is a popular keep fit activity, especially for Londoners. It’s essentially free, you’re not constrained by opening times, you get a bit of fresh air in the process (well, fresh-ish, anyway), and your running habit can – once you’ve moved past the wheezing phase – give you a great excuse to see parts of the capital and beyond with parkruns, marathons, 5Ks and the like offering up a huge range of environs. Yup, it’s a pretty good way to get some exercise especially if you live somewhere without much inside space.