Boxman packing rules

Packing rules

To make sure your storage items are safe as can be, we'd like you to take a look at the following points. If you need packing materials, we sell bubble wrap, mattress protectors, furniture covers, packing peanuts, tape, crockery crates, foam edges, and silica gel. Just let us know what you need during the sign-up process.

Compulsory packing

If you don't follow these rules, we won't store your items
  • Mattresses must be covered before storing
  • All items of furniture require foam edges and a cover
  • All fragile items should be protected with lots of bubble wrap and/or kept in their original crates and padded with packing peanuts(the crate shouldn't make a sound if you shake it!)
  • Fabrics and clothing should be stored using silica gel in the crates (2 sachets per crate)
  • Glass/mirrors must be protected with bubble wrap
  • Furniture with drawers must be empty and wrapped to hold the drawers shut

Other requirements

  • All crates, including Boxman crates, must be closed flat
  • If you're storing with your own cardboard crates, ensure that they are double-walled and in good condition, otherwise they won't be insured (clue: supermarket crisp crates are not a good idea). You can always use our crates for free
  • Open bags with items exposed are not insured
  • Please demonstrate that electronics with screens are operational before storage
  • We can't store bin liners. Please use our crates for free instead
  • We cannot store flatpack furniture as it's not designed to be moved once assembled
  • Crates over 25kg in weight are not insured

Packing tips

As a general rule of thumb...
  • Pack your things with as little room to move and slide around as possible
  • Protect your exposed sides and edges (a good rule in life generally, we think!)
  • Glass, mirrors, and screens should be covered to avoid scratches
  • Do not overfill a bag or crate as it may break and leave your things exposed
  • Don't store anything that can leak
  • Do make sure clothing / fabrics are completely dry before putting them in a crate
  • Make sure all furniture drawers are empty
  • Bad things to use: bin bags, ikea bags, and old cardboard crates