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5 tricks to make your London flat feel HUGE

Feature image credit: Home Designing For most of us living in London, space is an issue: you could probably do with a little more room between the dining table and the wall, for example, or you’ve stopped buying new clothes because you can’t shut your wardrobe doors. We’ve been told time and time again that light colours help to make a room feel bigger, but what else can you do to create a sense of space, light and calm?

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Moving house in London: 5 life hack services that’ll sort you out

Feature image: The Guardian Gone are the days when searching for a new home in London meant scouring dodgy estate agent windows and booking a viewing with no idea what awaited inside. These days, we’ll have surveyed the area via Google Street View and enjoyed a 360-degree virtual tour from the comfort of our sofa before we send our first speculative email. In fact, despite its reputation as one of the most stressful things we go through in our lives – even more so in the chaos of London’s streets – moving house needn’t be a headache.

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The rise of the professional organisers

Here at The Box Room, we’re all for helping out the time-poor. Heck, Boxman – the good folk behind your very own virtual spare room – went into business almost entirely to slash the hours wasted driving to a self-storage outpost. So we were intrigued to hear about professional organisers, a relatively new breed of lifehacker that take your time (or lack of it) very seriously indeed.

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8 signs you need to declutter (and how to take immediate action)

Feature image credit: AnneBrannen.com We’re gearing up for #MinimalMonth here at Boxman – a time to be taking stock of what you’ve got, what you don’t actually need, and what might be better stored away for a later date. The idea that life could be better with less is one that we’re seeing a lot of in the news at the moment (big thumbs up to James Wallman and his Stuffocation book!), and it’s one that we feel quite close to here at the Box Room. So we put together a few ideas to get things going – a few signs to look out for that you might be suffering from ‘stuffocation’ yourself.

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Festive makeover tips: 8 Christmas decorating ideas for small space living

The festive markets are in full swing, twinkly lights have been switched on across the country, and soppy supermarket ads have flooded our TV screens. It’s official, people: Christmas is almost upon us, which means it’s time to get your tree up and the seasonal decorations hung for all to see – if you haven’t already. There’s no excuse not to get involved in spreading Christmas cheer, so even if your home is more compact than most, don’t let that put you off embracing the festive season. There are lots of ways you can decorate your London flat to make it all cosy and sparkly this Christmas – here are some of our favourites.

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Infographic: what not to buy people for Christmas

So here we are again, with just a few weeks until Christmas Day, social engagements booked in for most evenings and, let’s be honest, not many presents purchased. But don’t panic – there’s still time. There’s no need to get yourself into a panicky, sugar-fuelled shopping frenzy on Christmas Eve and end up with bags full of unwanted Christmas gifts. Nobody loves the idea of handing over a multipack of air freshener to their favourite aunt come Christmas Day’s present exchange, or a pair of  XXS SpongeBob SquarePants Y-fronts to their brother.

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Talking storage: the secret lives of collectors

Storage – or a lack thereof – is a common gripe among homeowners, but for collectors, this problem reaches a whole new level. We’re all guilty of having stuff around the house, but when it comes to collecting, how can you proudly display your valuables at the same time as keeping clutter to a minimum? We first explored this when we chatted with some Comic Con attendees, but, more recently, we caught up with a few avid collectors to find out a bit about their hoarding habits and storage solutions. Meet George, Chris, Jan and Lee, who together boast some very impressive and eclectic collections indeed.


Don’t just use your spare room for storage: solutions to transform your space

There are so many wonderful ways we can make the most of our spare rooms, yet, for some reason, we insist on seeing them as simple storage solutions and filling them with household junk we’ve got no other place for. Where should you put that 17-year-old tricycle? How about that collection of novelty coasters? No longer shall you resort to stuffing it in your spare room, wincing as you turn the handle at the clutter-filled horror that awaits – it’s time to reclaim your space. Read on for some of our favourite ways to breathe new life into your spare room and make it a real part of your home. Gym Fitness fanatics may want to use the space for their very own gym. Wave goodbye to the days of queuing up for the treadmill, and say hello to being able to exercise in private, far removed from the sweaty, gym-going masses.…


It’s official: men are the wardrobe hoarders – not women

Storage space, particularly wardrobe storage, is a source of frustration that all cohabiting couples can relate to. We did a little research that reveals that, contrary to popular belief, men are the wardrobe hoarders – not women. A quarter of the men surveyed claimed they could fill up to six average-sized bin bags with clothes and shoes they never wear. Just 18% of women suggested they could do the same, despite the fact that 54% of them felt under pressure from their spouses to throw out their clothes.