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In defence of stuff: family heirlooms and hand me downs

The recent fervour for the zero-waste lifestyle is infectious. There’s something rather liberating about doing away with stuff and, in cleansing our homes of extraneous possessions, perhaps clearing our souls of emotional baggage as well. While we’re very much in favour of a good spring clean and a tidy up, we’re also of the opinion that keeping things you love is a worthy aspiration as well. Sometimes it’s all about incorporating family hand-me-downs into the mix.


Don’t just use your spare room for storage: solutions to transform your space

There are so many wonderful ways we can make the most of our spare rooms, yet, for some reason, we insist on seeing them as simple storage solutions and filling them with household junk we’ve got no other place for. Where should you put that 17-year-old tricycle? How about that collection of novelty coasters? No longer shall you resort to stuffing it in your spare room, wincing as you turn the handle at the clutter-filled horror that awaits – it’s time to reclaim your space. Read on for some of our favourite ways to breathe new life into your spare room and make it a real part of your home. Gym Fitness fanatics may want to use the space for their very own gym. Wave goodbye to the days of queuing up for the treadmill, and say hello to being able to exercise in private, far removed from the sweaty, gym-going masses.…


What we learnt at Comic Con London: storage tips for collectors

Last week, we went to Comic Con London 2014 to find out a little bit more about collectors and cosplayers and how they go about storing their stuff. In fact, not only did we attend, but we spent the day live blogging our interviews, Vines and general musings on the infectious enthusiasm of the ‘Comic Conners’ we met – and sharing their thoughts on how best to keep all those figurines, comics and…wings. So here it is: Comic Con London’s storage tips.

Photo via mcmcomicon.com

Comic Con London: the Box Room live blog

When we were children, Halloween and Bonfire Night marked the beginning of the countdown to Christmas. Now that we’re adults (childish adults, admittedly), the season starts with the twinkling lights of Comic Con London, a collector’s paradise and outlandish parade of fun and fantasy. From cosplay to gadgetry, from sci-fi novelists to movie stars (give us a wave, Daniel Radcliffe!), it’s set to be an ever-so-slightly geeky gathering of joyful proportions. We can’t wait!