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home staging in London

Home staging (when all the home’s a stage)

It would seem that the process of getting your house looking nice for sale now has a catchy buzz phrase. Yes indeed, ‘home staging’ is big business now – we’ve spoken about it many times on The Box Room before, most notably with Sarah Beeny – but we’re always up for learning new vocabulary, and we’ve always go room for more declutter chatter. 


Cumberbatch, Sugg and McGuigan hit big at #Boxathon for Teenage Cancer Trust

Boxman would like to thank all of the wonderful people that donated and bought items during our inaugural #Boxathon auction, held in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. As a small (but well-formed) startup, we never imagined we’d raise the tidy pots of cash we achieved today, and we very much look forward to handing it all over to this wonderful charity.

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Benedict Cumberbatch, Joe Sugg and Zoella donate to #Boxathon

We’re really pleased to announce that our #Boxathon charity auction, in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, is up and running. Since launching the campaign last week, we’ve had thousands of Benedict Cumberbatch and Joe Sugg fans lurching around the #Boxathon website, plotting their way to owning the Gucci sunglasses, Modalu bags, signed exclusive book pages, headphones and other knicknacks that they have so kindly put up for auction.

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6 freebies and giveaways for anyone moving house in London

Feature image via Cassidy Hughes interior design & styling Moving house in London. It can be a tiresome faff, can’t it? At Boxman, we see a lot of weary (and dusty) faces when we’re out and about collecting and storing stuff for the capital’s nomadic masses, but – beyond helping them to get a bit more space-smart by packing and storing your precious bits and pieces – there’s not a lot more that we can do to help. Sure, you’re all welcome to borrow our office shower, but it might get a bit crowded. 

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The rise of the professional organisers

Here at The Box Room, we’re all for helping out the time-poor. Heck, Boxman – the good folk behind your very own virtual spare room – went into business almost entirely to slash the hours wasted driving to a self-storage outpost. So we were intrigued to hear about professional organisers, a relatively new breed of lifehacker that take your time (or lack of it) very seriously indeed.


It’s official: men are the wardrobe hoarders – not women

Storage space, particularly wardrobe storage, is a source of frustration that all cohabiting couples can relate to. We did a little research that reveals that, contrary to popular belief, men are the wardrobe hoarders – not women. A quarter of the men surveyed claimed they could fill up to six average-sized bin bags with clothes and shoes they never wear. Just 18% of women suggested they could do the same, despite the fact that 54% of them felt under pressure from their spouses to throw out their clothes.


On-demand storage: version 2.0

It’s been a busy summer here at Boxman HQ. We’re always looking to push the limits of what we offer, and we started by listening to you. We wanted to understand what’s really important so that we can focus on the issues that actually matter. It’s often the case that the simpler the service, the more effort and work has gone into providing it – and that’s certainly true of our new and improved on-demand storage.