A life without clutter


What’s the difference between clutter and hoarding?

Perhaps it’s the fashion for minimalism, but we’ve noticed there’s a huge number of books about decluttering at the moment. From the practical to the extreme to the frankly eccentric, there seems to be a system to help tackle excess stuff for every day of the week. Of course, there’s clutter and then there’s hoarding, a much, much more serious disorder that can prove difficult to treat, as we found out from talking to Satwant Singh, a Nurse Consultant in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mental Health, and an expert in compulsive hoarding disorder.


16 useful resources for London’s freelancers

Between 2008 and 2016 the number of freelancers in the UK increased by 43% to around 2 million workers. It’s probably no surprise that London is home to a good many of these entrepreneurial souls (21%, according to the good people at IPSE) and if you’re one of this number, you’ll know that while it’s a great way to work, it can also have its pitfalls. It’s no coincidence that the rise in the number of freelancers has a great deal to do with the increasingly higher tech world we inhabit and so, even when it all gets a bit stressful, there are some brilliant apps, companies and services that can make life that little bit easier for London’s freelancers.


Phone Box stuffing and beyond – a history of cramming stuff in stuff

We’re in the business of storing stuff, so naturally we’re always on the lookout for storage-related tidbits for everyone to enjoy. One day last week we stumbled across the craze of phone box stuffing. Intrigued, perplexed and delighted in equal measure we thought we’d find out a little more and have a look to see what obsessions the human race has had with seeing how much stuff we can get into things over the years.


5 reasons cohabiting in London is Better with Boxman

We might not be able to create world peace or fight infectious diseases, but we can help you with stuff and the storage thereof, and in that regard (and although we say so ourselves) we’re pretty darn Nobel-worthy. Having seen all we’ve seen (and then some) over the years we’ve been working in the business of self-storage, we feel the time is nigh to proffer some insightful, erm, insights into how to better foster a sense of order and peace into your home and relationships when space is at a premium and your wits are at their end.


Craftageddon and how to avoid it

There’s a phenomenon sweeping the nation. It is – as our blog writer Em’s husband terms it – Craftageddon, and it’s characterized by (a) a yarn stash so large that you’re genuinely concerned that the sheep population are starting to feel a bit cold, (b) piles of fabric in every drawer, shoe box and cupboard, or (c) forgotten pins lurking in the carpet (ouch!). It’s a serious problem, folks, and given that we’ve already given considerable column inches to the plight of the tech widow, it seems only fair to redress the balance and tackle craft supplies.


Stress-busting apps for Londoners

When we think of clutter, the chances are that we think of the stuff that fills up our rooms. These physical things are easy to hide and organise, but it can be a little more difficult to recognise and remove the things which constitute mental clutter. Left unchecked, they can cause just as much of a problem as the DVD box set collection that would give the Netflix archive a run for its money. With the spring-cleaning season now upon us, there’s never been a better time to take charge of your mental clutter and reprogram your mind-set to a healthy one. A bit daunting? Don’t fret! These apps could help you on your journey to mentally declutter and bring peace and balance to your everyday life.

little games

Exploring board games & London’s first game cafe

Board games are back, in case you didn’t know. Sure, those perennial favourites like Cluedo and Snakes & Ladders may forever hold a place in our hearts, but this new wave of board games are considerably more interesting, so if you’re the kind of person whose blood pressure rises simply upon hearing the word, ‘Monopoly’ (and I’m with you on that one – writing it here necessitated a brief tea break to steady myself), please don’t switch off just yet.

Decluttering tips

5 decluttering tactics (because it’s never too late for New Year’s resolutions)

We may be into February and the memories of New Year’s celebrations are now but a hazy memory, but if you had intended to make 2017 the year of action – the year of a tidy house; of being a bit more organized – and haven’t quite got around to it, we’ve got your back. There’s still plenty of time. Getting organized is one of those things that often tops these yearly resolutions lists, and because we know that, if this is your resolution, there’s every chance you might be having a classic case of the ‘overwhelms’, we’ve rounded up five strategies for decluttering your house. No need to thank us. It’s what we do. You’re welcome.


Londoner Jess on keeping fit in her small flat

Never let it be said that small spaces prevent you from pursuing your hobbies. Even in the world of exercise, where sometimes it seems you need heaps of kit before you can even contemplate raising your heartrate, this isn’t so. Jess Parkinson discovered yoga through a class, but – as her lively Instagram account shows – she’s not constricted by gym opening times, and even in her small flat she’s able to find the space to devote to her yoga practice. We caught up with her to find out more about better fitness in small spaces.