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Exploring board games & London’s first game cafe

Board games are back, in case you didn’t know. Sure, those perennial favourites like Cluedo and Snakes & Ladders may forever hold a place in our hearts, but this new wave of board games are considerably more interesting, so if you’re the kind of person whose blood pressure rises simply upon hearing the word, ‘Monopoly’ (and I’m with you on that one – writing it here necessitated a brief tea break to steady myself), please don’t switch off just yet.

Decluttering tips

5 decluttering tactics (because it’s never too late for New Year’s resolutions)

We may be into February and the memories of New Year’s celebrations are now but a hazy memory, but if you had intended to make 2017 the year of action – the year of a tidy house; of being a bit more organized – and haven’t quite got around to it, we’ve got your back. There’s still plenty of time. Getting organized is one of those things that often tops these yearly resolutions lists, and because we know that, if this is your resolution, there’s every chance you might be having a classic case of the ‘overwhelms’, we’ve rounded up five strategies for decluttering your house. No need to thank us. It’s what we do. You’re welcome.


Londoner Jess on keeping fit in her small flat

Never let it be said that small spaces prevent you from pursuing your hobbies. Even in the world of exercise, where sometimes it seems you need heaps of kit before you can even contemplate raising your heartrate, this isn’t so. Jess Parkinson discovered yoga through a class, but – as her lively Instagram account shows – she’s not constricted by gym opening times, and even in her small flat she’s able to find the space to devote to her yoga practice. We caught up with her to find out more about better fitness in small spaces. 

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Talking fashion and clothes storage with Tyler Kenny

‘I got so many clothes I keep some in my aunt’s house,’ said Tinie Tempah in one of his lyrical musings. We’re not sure how our aunts would feel about us showing up on their doorstep with armfuls of off-season clothing, but we get what he was talking about. Knowing how to store clothing is something most of us have had to deal with at some time or another, so we were delighted to sit down for a chat with stylist and fashion writer (as well as Boxman customer), Tyler Kenny, about fashion, moving house and storing clothing in London flats (and we even managed to pick up a few hints and tips as well).

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Shoe storage solutions for the DIYer

When it comes to the things which cause the biggest storage headaches, shoes have to be right up there. You can’t really stack them, by their very nature they have the potential to be grubby and get everything they touch grubby, and they need to be kept in pairs. If all this wasn’t bad enough, factor in a small flat or house, and perhaps a rented one where you’re not permitted to start drilling into walls or embarking on any major scale construction, and your options are limited.

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Packing for your holiday: space-saving travel innovations

It’s not unusual to want to take all our home comforts when we go away, whether that’s a holiday abroad, a festival or a business trip. And it’s pretty normal to find that a lot of these things end up being impractical to take or inconvenient to carry around. Luckily, in the travel world, necessity really does breed invention and there are some truly brilliant innovations out there. We’ve found some of the best space-saving travel gadgets – many of which hail from the UK – so you can take those unnecessary yet somehow indispensable items with you without pause for concern.