Storage ideas for your London flat: amazing organisation


We Londoners have it pretty darn good: beautiful architecture, great food and drink, more history than you can shake a stick at and culture up to our eyeballs. One thing we are short of, though, is space. Cramped tube carriages, elbow-knocking supermarket aisles and crowded pavements are just some of the battles we must face when trying to get from A to B each day. With square footage at a premium outside, it makes sense that we’re a little squeezed at home, too – but there are things that can be done about this. As well as putting your extra bits and bobs in storage with Boxman for a little while, you can declutter the stuff you need day in, day out, with some nifty storage ideas.

Kitchen cupboards

What’s worse than trying to locate a pot or pan and having endless lids, colanders and sieves rain down on you? Well, a lot of things actually, but it’s still pretty annoying. Wave a giddy farewell to your kitchen cupboard frustration with these organisation ideas.


Spice rack-baskets-1

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Perfume and make-up

While perfume and make-up might be a crucial part of your morning routine, they have a tendency to spread around the home and get lost easily. With some creative storage ideas, however, you can keep your favourite beauty items safe and looking stylish at the same time.


Cake stand perfume (2)-text

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Although they immediately make a place look sophisticated and colourful, it’s easy to amass a huge collection of books that you don’t want to part with, but that you also can’t feasibly accommodate. If you’ve already put some in storage and can’t bear to part with any more, here are some brilliant book organisation ideas.

Ceiling book storage-text

Reading nook-text

Staircase book storage-text

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Bathroom essentials

Your bathroom is your sanctuary. No matter how compact your home is, it’s important to keep your bathroom as a place of calm where you can relax and unwind after a hard day. That’s why overflowing cupboards and surfaces littered with products won’t cut the mustard.


Window boxes-text

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Socks and scarves

Socks and scarves are fiddly items that are often forgotten when it comes to organised bedroom storage. Socks, in particular, are maddening – there must be a black hole somewhere in space full of mismatched socks, sunglasses and train tickets just waiting to be reclaimed by perplexed owners. Keep yourself sane with some storage ideas for your accessories.

Curtain rail scarves-text-1


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