Preparing for a baby: top tips on how to organise your home

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Babies may be small, but the space they take up is not. From cribs and clothes to feeding equipment and travel essentials, it’s amazing just how much stuff you’ll need to buy for your little one. So that your home isn’t overrun with nappies, bottles and babygros before he or she has even arrived, be sure to have a good old clear-out of every room and put what you don’t need in storage. You’ll appreciate every spare bit of space you can find – trust us.

Here’s what we recommend you hold on to when you’re preparing for a baby, and what you could probably do without. And anyway, as we always say: it’s not goodbye – it’s see you later. Check out the Boxman home page for a little more information on how we can help you get your home ready for your little one.

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What to keep

Comfy clothes

Let’s not beat about the bush: babies are messy. As a result, you’re going to need plenty of old, comfy clothes to wear so you don’t see your finest clobber ruined. Besides, on those days when you’re feeling a little peaky, you’ll want nothing more than to mooch about the house in joggers and a baggy T-shirt.

A few nice outfits

That said, it would be a little depressing if you put all your best clothes in storage. Having a baby doesn’t mean your social life is over, so keep back a couple of your favourite dresses and pairs of shoes for those nights when you get a babysitter and decide to hit the town with your partner or mates.

Seasonal clothes

It’s important to think ahead when decluttering your wardrobe. For instance, if your baby’s due date is in the winter, then you’ll need to hang on to your winter coats, jumpers and slippers, even if you don’t need them right now.

Pampering items

You may be wrapped up in caring for your little one, but don’t forget to look after yourself as well. Make time now and then to unwind with a hot bath – complete with bubbles and candles, naturally – or organise an indulgent pampering session with your friends.

Old blankets

When your baby arrives, keep them feeling safe and warm by wrapping them up in a cosy old blanket. Not only will it help them to settle, it’ll also mean you don’t have to worry about ruining your more expensive throws and blankets.

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What to put in storage

Clothes you don’t need

In the early days of motherhood, you won’t have time to agonise over your outfit each morning, and are likely to wear the same comfy clothes. Create space when you’re preparing for your baby by shifting the items you haven’t worn in the last year or so, and any garments you’re sure you won’t miss.


Although shelves packed with books inject character into a home, it’s more practical to use this space to store all the items that come with having a baby. You’ll need somewhere to stash nappies, toys, baby books and more, so consider putting any paperbacks you’re not planning to re-read any time soon into storage.

Arts/crafts stuff

It’s unlikely you’ll have loads of time at your disposal to get stuck into a new crafts project with a baby on the way, so getting rid of some of your artsy bits and bobs could be a good move. What’s more, babies are curious, and you don’t want your little one picking up any small, sharp objects left lying around the house.

Box sets

Temporarily shifting your DVD collection could create loads of space on your shelves – space that you’re going to need. You won’t have to go totally without entertainment – subscriptions to television and film streaming providers are inexpensive and mean you can access a huge catalogue of great media any time you like.

Are you preparing for a baby? What have you done to get your home ready? Let us know in the comments section below!

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