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London Loves Lego

Lego opened its latest mega-store in Leicester Square last week, and at 914 square metres and over two floors, it is indeed a very sizable affair. Visitors can marvel at a life-size Underground carriage, Big Ben with a fully-functional clock (naturally) and all the Danish building blocks you can shake a stick at. Mega-Lego is hardly a new concept to London – a huge, 10 metre tall Christmas tree constructed from the stuff was on display a few years back in St Pancras station, so naturally we wondered what other London-inspired creations might be out there and also (because we have storage on the brain) how you keep those bricks under control. Although the company itself was founded in 1932, it wasn’t until 1949 that the first interlocking bricks that we now associate with Lego started being produced. It’s rare to find a toy with such longevity and perhaps rarer still to find…

Japan London

The Londoner’s guide to Japanese collectibles

Japan’s unique blend of time-honoured tradition, trailblazing modernity and the capacity to incorporate both into daily life has a lot to do with why so many visitors find it so beguiling. In popular culture, certain trends, characters, books, movies and (yes) foodstuffs have gained such a following they’ve spawned an entire sub-culture. The term ‘Wapanese’, from the English ‘want to be Japanese’ is a perfect example, as is the devotion with which those Wapanese often cultivate their Wapaneseness.


Go Green to Get Clean – the best houseplants for purifying the air

It’s easy to view air pollution as something that happens somewhere else, but it’s a genuine issue for us Londoners. As recently as last year, The Guardian published a story claiming that nearly 9,500 premature deaths each year are caused by the pollution in the London air, reported to be the dirtiest in Europe. We don’t mean to be alarmist, but that certainly gave us pause for thought. But, you may be asking, surely the air indoors is better? Um, wishful thinking, we’re afraid. Indoor air pollution is a mixed bag of threatening air particles and pollutants that have either drifted in from outside or been invited in with new furniture or household cleaners and then recirculated in our air conditioning. It’s easy to hang your head and try to dismiss these things on the basis that there’s nothing much we can do individually, but amazingly there is a very simple…

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Talking fashion and clothes storage with Tyler Kenny

‘I got so many clothes I keep some in my aunt’s house,’ said Tinie Tempah in one of his lyrical musings. We’re not sure how our aunts would feel about us showing up on their doorstep with armfuls of off-season clothing, but we get what he was talking about. Knowing how to store clothing is something most of us have had to deal with at some time or another, so we were delighted to sit down for a chat with stylist and fashion writer (as well as Boxman customer), Tyler Kenny, about fashion, moving house and storing clothing in London flats (and we even managed to pick up a few hints and tips as well).

Albums that were recorded at home

10 albums that were recorded at home

If you’re a musician yearning to record that ground-breaking album that you know will change the world (or at least propel your name into musical conversation) the good news is that you really don’t need the keys to Abbey Road in order to make it a reality. The equipment available to the modern home recording studio is many times more powerful than the old four-track that The Beatles recorded Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on.